The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Since joining the NDC Partnership in October 2016, the Government of Uganda has appointed the Ministry of Water and Environment, the National Planning Authority, and the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development as Focal Points to coordinate closely on NDC implementation and relevant mainstreaming exercises. Within its engagement process, Uganda originally requested support for 11 priority areas from the Partnership, across monitoring and evaluation, tracking climate expenditures, and mainstreaming climate action across government, to which the Partnership responded with consolidated support from six development partners. These requests have since evolved into five results-based outcomes, with 49 specific outputs, under the themes of policy; budget and investment; data and monitoring; capacity building; and project financing. This framework, or Partnership Plan, was validated by the Government on 26 June 2018 during a high-level session attended by Members of Parliament, Ministers, and heads of diplomatic delegations in Kampala. Support for Partnership Plan implementation has been identified from the African Development Bank, Conservation International, the European Union, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the Environmental Management for Livelihood Improvement – Bwaise Facility, the Global Green Growth Institute, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the NAP Global Network, the UNFCCC Secretariat, the World Bank, and the United National Development Programme. Carrying this Plan forward, an in-country facilitator, supported by the Government of the Netherlands, is positioned in the Climate Change Department of the Ministry of Water and Environment, to coordinate closely between the Focal Points and with the development partner community. Uganda is seeking opportunities to make its climate agenda more ambitious through the Partnership Plan, pushing forward the timeline for some NDC actions much sooner than 2030. With strong support from the international community, Uganda stands to lead its part of the Paris Agreement as a model of inspiration for other countries.



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