The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Mozambique became a member of the NDC Partnership in April 2017, appointing the Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development and the Ministry of Economy and Finance as Focal Points. Building off the National Strategy for Climate Change and the NDC, and with the support of the World Bank and the Camões Institute, the Government conducted in 2018 an extensive consultative process at provincial and national level that led to the elaboration of a detailed medium-term implementation plan (2020-2025 NDC Roadmap) that outlines a comprehensive approach to climate action in the country. In this context, the Partnership Plan was prepared as a short-term results-based plan (2018-2021) that addresses needs prioritized by the government and fast-tracks implementation efforts.

Mozambique’s Partnership Plan was validated by high-level representatives of the Government, development partners, and other non-state actors on 15 November. It includes the development of pipelines of bankable climate change-related projects; resource mobilization and project financing; strengthening institutional coordination, regulations and policies; capacity enhancement for mitigation and adaptation actions across sectors; systems to monitor, review and verify mitigation and adaptation measures; data management; budget coding and tracking systems; and private sector engagement. Some of the transformational changes that Mozambique is working on include the mainstreaming NDCs, NAP, and SDGs into the next 5-year Development Plan and budgeting processes; the development and financing of 2.200 MW of new renewable energy projects; a sustainable and equitable mobility plan for the Maputo Metropolitan Area; the promotion of low-carbon and resilient agriculture in different regions of the country; and the implementation of a comprehensive Measurement, Reporting, and Verification system. Find more information on the Partnership’s country engagement process in Mozambique here.


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