Republic of the Marshall Islands

The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) joined the NDC Partnership in October 2016 as one of its first members. From the start, the country has played an active role in the Partnership, including by serving on its Steering Committee. The RMI’s Focal Points are the Office of the Chief Secretary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The lead offices for coordination of the Partnership Plan are the Office of Environmental Planning and Policy Coordination at the Office of the President and the National Energy Office at the Ministry of Natural Resources and Commerce, as well as the inter-ministerial Tile Til Eo (“Lighting The Way“) Committee, which includes representatives from the Ministry of Finance.

In July 2018, the RMI organized a National Climate Change Dialogue and Partnership Dialogue to provide input into its NDC Partnership Plan development. In November 2018, after several months of extensive internal government consultations, and after receiving initial responses indicating support from 15 development partners, the Minister in Assistance to the President and Chair of the Tile Til Eo Committee signed off the RMI Partnership Plan for launch at COP24. The Partnership Plan is connected to the Tile Til Eo 2050 Climate Strategy, which was launched in September 2018 and sets out a vision to reach net-zero emissions and 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, as well as RMI’s second NDC. The Partnership Plan serves as a tool to coordinate support for and operationalize the RMI’s high ambition.

The RMI Partnership Plan is unique in that it has devoted an entire outcome area to actions that increase gender and human rights mainstreaming in climate action, as well as an outcome area that focuses on strengthening RMI’s essential role in advocating for global action. In its Partnership Plan, the RMI is looking to strengthen support for urgent actions to accelerate its NDC implementation, such as: (i) financing for the implementation of its comprehensive Electricity Roadmap to 100 percent renewable electricity, including building in-country capacity and skills of Marshallese citizens in renewable energy; (ii) a long-term adaptation options analysis in the context of sea level rise by a cross-institutional team of national and international experts, with consideration of food security, gender, human rights, and health, to feed into the country’s National Adaptation Plan; and (iii) strengthening resilience to droughts, with emphasis on the outer islands. As part of the Partnership Plan, the RMI Government has also included actions it will take to strengthen internal coordination, financing mechanisms, and data and information systems. Find more information on the Partnership’s country engagement process in the Marshall Islands here.



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