The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Kenya joined the NDC Partnership in April 2017, appointing a Focal Point in the Climate Change Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Since joining, the Partnership has also engaged closely with the National Treasury and Planning. Kenya requested support from the NDC Partnership to update its National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) to the 2018 to 2022 timeframe. The NCCAP incorporates the country’s priority Sustainable Development Goals, the NDC, the National Adaptation Plan, the Medium-Term Plan, and other national policies, including President Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda, a national roadmap for economic development, into one framework for action. The NDC Partnership responded to Kenya’s request with consolidated support from six development partners. These partners since joined process to develop the NCCAP, which included consultations with line ministries, development partners, local governments, and marginalized communities. From these consultations, the development community and Government jointly agreed to set up a Climate Change Joint Sector Working Group, which will bring together the development community and the ministries to collaborate on and coordinate climate action that contributes to and achieves the objectives within the NCCAP. This updated Plan, to be approved by the National Climate Change Council, chaired by the Office of the President, includes an Implementation Matrix, that also serves as Kenya’s Partnership Plan. The NCCAP Implementation Matrix includes both policy enabling actions, and specific infrastructure and sector-specific projects for achieving ambitious low-carbon, climate resilient development pathways.

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Explore climate data and learn about countries’ climate change goals

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Explore climate data and learn about countries’ climate change goals

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