The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Due to its geographical location in the Middle East, Jordan has a semi-arid climate and is highly vulnerable to climate variations. Highly dependent on rainfalls, the country is exposed to severe droughts causing water scarcity, and erratic rainfalls causing flash floods and increasing Jordan’s vulnerability to climate risks. In addition, Jordan’s severe water shortage is exacerbated by climate change and influx of refugees. In response to these challenges, Jordan joined the Partnership in March 2017 and appointed Focal Points in the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. In collaboration with the NDC Partnership, Jordan hosted in September 2018 a workshop to further outline their NDC Action Plan, following a request for support letter with indication of priority areas for support conducive to the implementation of the NDC. The Government expressed the need for technical support to turn their pipeline of projects into bankable proposals, and to align SDGs, NDCs, and development plans in the country. Under the leadership of the Climate Change Directorate of the Ministry of Environment, five main focus areas were identified: transport, water, agriculture, energy and waste management. The workshop included civil society and representatives from development and implementing partners (workshop report). As a result, the Netherlands, Germany, UNDP and ILO, but also the European Commission and the Islamic Development Bank expressed their interest in assisting the country‘s efforts to implement its NDC. The Partnership is working with the Government of Jordan to elaborate a comprehensive NDC Action Plan detailing technical assistance and investments needs.


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