The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Honduras joined the NDC Partnership in March 2017, appointing a Focal Point from the Presidential Office for Climate Change. Honduras was the first member country of the NDC Partnership to develop and finalize a Partnership Plan for its NDC implementation. The Plan was approved in April 2018 by the Presidential Office for Climate Change and the Secretariat of Natural Resources and the Environment and launched in May during the Climate Change Conference in Bonn. The Plan identifies five priority areas: revising the country’s NDC; prioritizing a list of current and established mitigation and adaptation efforts; developing roadmaps for prioritized actions and signing memoranda of understanding with key partners; establishing a system of monitoring, reporting and evaluation; and strengthening inter-institutional coordination for climate action. As part of its prioritization goal, the Plan foresees the development of an NDC Investment Plan that will identify and develop key opportunities for low-carbon and resilient infrastructure and technology. In August 2018, a high-level Honduran delegation met with counterparts from finance, planning, and other sectoral agencies of the Dominican Republic to learn from their relevant experiences. Facilitated by the NDC Partnership Support Unit, the two-day meeting focused on aspects of effective climate governance, including Presidential committees, inter-institutional coordination, climate laws, and budget integration.


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