The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Bolivia joined the NDC Partnership as a member in August 2017. The country engagement process of the Partnership is in its early stages, and after a first scoping mission in July 2018, the NDC Partnership initiated conversations with the Ministry of Planning and Development. Bolivia’s NDC includes a policies and action approach with an integrated mitigation and adaptation focus in the energy, water, and agriculture and forests sectors, which is also in line with the country’s development strategies and plans. The NDC furthermore contains a comprehensive set of targets for conditional and unconditional commitments for each of the prioritized sectors. The Government is currently undertaking a stocktaking exercise of the different investment portfolios to identify key gaps. This exercise will result in a portfolio of ideas where the support of the NDC Partnership members will be sought. Other identified needs are:  the facilitation of contacts that can foster private sector investment; learning from the NDC Partnership’s knowledge resources and experiences, particularly related to the topics of NDC monitoring, reporting, and articulating NDC planning and implementation at the local level; and technical assistance and capacity strengthening for the Ministry on monitoring systems and platforms.


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