United States
Position / Job Title  
Research Associate
Ministry / Agency 
Pardee Center for International Futures
Contact Information (email) 
Project Type or Goal 
The objective of the project was to create temperature and precipitation projections
Analytical Need 
The objective of the project was to get a longer time series on temperature and precipitation change. CCKP was used to update the data for the environment model of a forecasting tool.
Resource Name 
Resources Required/ Used 
Experience Using Tool  
It is quite easy to use the Climate Change Knowledge Portal. CCKP Helped to collect climate information and forward linkages of climate change to the environment. We found the temporal coverage and country coverage to be quite impressive. <p> Training was not necessary to use CCKP. While CCKP did not have any major shortcomings, one challenge was that the user cannot download data for more than 30 countries at a time. However, they have metadata and a helpdesk that responsed to data extraction requests for location-level climate data and data download requests for more than 30 countries. The presence of a bulk download option would be useful. CCKP has contributed to the project’s success and we would reuse it for a similar project in the future. We now have a more complete dataset for our environmental model. I would recommend that others email the owners of the website for any additional information.
Name of Tool User 
Kanishka Narayan
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