Position / Job Title  
Executive Director
Ministry / Agency 
Environmental and Climate Change Research Institute, De La Salle Araneta University
Contact Information (email) 
Project Type or Goal 
The goal of the project was to develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan
Analytical Need 
The main objective of the project entitled, CLIMATE SMART PHILIPPINES, is to capacitate the local government units (LGUs) to develop a Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) project using science-based approaches (e.g risk and impact assessment, climate scenarios and projections etc.)
Resource Name 
Resources Required/ Used 
Some training may be required before using CCKP. I use the site for training non-scientists, policy-makers, decision-makers in the Philippines. My Junior Research Scientists and I also use the portal for research purposes.
Experience Using Tool  
The Climate Change Knowledge Portal was used for a climate adaptation project in the Philippines to gather data (historical and projections both for rainfall and temperature) that will be needed in the CCA project development. The tool was not that difficult to use. It is user-friendly. There are just some data that we need that are essential for the communities (e.g. agricultural and fishery sector). <p> Some challenges when using CCKP may be that many of the terms used may not be accessible to a lay audience. There are some terms that we, scientists, can understand. Since the target market of the site is the group of non-scientists and decision-makers, it would be better if some of the language could be simplified. Since I really want to bring climate science to the community and to the people, I do always look for terminologies and approaches that can really be understood by them. <p> CCKP has greatly benefited the project and has contributed to its success. The local government units are empowered. This is their first time analyzing historical data and performing climate projections. I would absolutely use CCKP again in the future. My Junior Research Scientists and I have been using this for 3 years in our research. And this is also the site that I use for training local government officials in the Philippines. There are 1493 Municipalities, and I haven’t reached the half of the population. I will continue to use this site to train the entire Philippines. Based on the communication I’ve had with the CCKP, they have been very accommodating.
Name of Tool User 
Glenn S. Banaguas
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