Addressing agriculture, forestry and fisheries in National Adaptation Plans – Supplementary guidelines

These supplementary guidelines to the UNFCCC National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Guidelines aim to support developing countries in making sure agriculture, forestry, and fisheries is both included in national adaptation plans and made more adaptive and resilient to climate change. To facilitate integration with adaptation planning across different economic sectors, the NAP–Ag Guidelines follow the same four elements that structure the UNFCCC NAP Technical Guidelines: laying the groundwork and addressing gaps; preparatory elements; implementation strategies; and reporting, monitoring and review. Within each element, various possible steps related to the agricultural sectors are outlined. These guidelines are intended to be used by national planners and decision–makers working on climate change issues in developing countries and authorities and experts within the agriculture sectors who are contributing to climate change adaptation and NAP formulation and implementation.

Chapter One provides background information on NAP formulation and implementation processes. Chapter Two focuses on technical issues related to climate change, food security, nutrition and the agriculture sectors and gives an overview of the impact of climate change on the agriculture sectors and food security. Chapter Three introduces approaches, preparatory measures and institutional arrangements for adaptation planning in the agriculture sectors. Chapter Four includes step–by–step guidance for agriculture adaptation planning, aligning the elements and steps closely with the development of the broader NAPs.

A Russian translation is also available at this link

Region: Global
Sectors and Topics: Agriculture, Forestry and Land Use, Gender, Rural, Water
Scale: National
Expertise Level: Practitioner, Specialist
Resource Type: Guidance and Frameworks
Cost: No
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Other
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