Robert Bradley

Knowledge and Learning Director

Rob Bradley is the Director of Knowledge and Learning for the NDC Partnership Support Unit. He oversees knowledge products for the Partnership and is responsible for cultivating a community of learning for the partners.

Rob has over 20 years experience on climate, sustainable development, and related issues. Prior to joining the NDC Partnership, he was Senior Advisor to the Directorate of Energy and Climate Change at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He trained and supported UAE diplomats in UNFCCC negotiations, the Rio Earth Summit process, and at the International Renewable Energy Agency. He also acted as a ministerial advisor on energy and sustainability issues.

Previously he served as director of international climate policy at the World Resources Institute (WRI), leading research on international climate agreements, emissions trading, biofuels, rural electrification, adaptation, forests, and developing country climate policies. His earlier work focused on European and international climate and energy policy and he was a member of the working group to design the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

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