Michael Ronoubigouwa Ambouroue Avaro

Gabon Facilitator

Michael Ronoubigouwa Ambouroue Avaro holds a Master in Bio-productive Science from the School of Agriculture at the Utsunomiya University and a PhD in Bioproduction Science (Plant science) from the United Graduate School of Tokyo University (2011). He has extensive experience through his position as Government Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture of Gabon where he was appointed respectively as Junior Adviser in the Minister's Staff; Deputy Director General of National Office of Rural Development; Deputy Director General of Rural Development; Director General of Agriculture and Director General of Gabon Agency for Agricultural Development.


In his previous positions, Mr. Michael Ronoubigouwa Ambouroue Avaro was involved in designing agricultural and rural development policies, programs/projects in coherence with Gabon’s sustainable development policy. He was in charge of leading institutional reforms (legal acts for the establishment and organization of the Gabon Agency for Agricultural Development) as a response to the country’s need for better land use and management capacity in the agricultural sector and for insuring a good extension system that targets to develop sustainable agriculture.


He furthermore represented the Ministry of Agriculture in the technical team of National Climate Council (NCN) and participated actively in the taskforce connected to the National Land Use Plan, and the Country Programme for Environmental Investment. In October 2019, he is was appointed as the NDC Partnership in-country facilitator and technical advisor supported by FAO at the National Climate Council.


This position is supported by FAO.

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