Ferdi Brahushi

Albanian Facilitator

Professor at the Department of AgroEnvironment and Ecology, Agricultural University of Tirana, Albania. He has a long experience of 30 years in teaching, research and expertise in agriculture and environment. During his academic and research career has published many peer review research articles in national and international journals as in “Environmental Pollution”, “Chemosphere”, “Pedosphere”, “Fresenius Environmental Bulletin”, “Albanian Journal of Agricultural Sciences”, etc.

He is author and coauthor of several communications and reports, which are related to environmental pollution and remediation, climate changes and adaption, soil science, land management and evaluation, natural resources and the economics of inputs on agriculture and rural development.

Mr. Brahushi has been coordinator or member of several national and international research and education project in the field of environment, climate changes and ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA), agriculture and rural development. Thus, he has been expert or consultant of several projects supported by UN, UNDP, FAO, GEF, WB, EU, GIZ, etc. He has experience on management, international projects and policy formulation on agriculture, environment and rural development. He is familiar with environmental pollution and remediation, natural resources, nature-based solutions, climate changes and ecosystem-based adaptation, land degradation and desertification, land policy and management, land property rights and evaluation, policy support in the approximation of national legal framework with the EU directives in the field of environment and rural development.


This position is funded by the Dutch Fund.

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