Ana Carolina Martínez

Panama Facilitator

Ana Carolina Martínez is an Environmental Engineer from the Technological University of Panama committed to promoting territorial transformations that are comprehensive, inclusive, and sustainable for all inhabitants. She holds a master's degree in Human Settlements Development & Environment from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile with specializations in Investment Project Management and Public Policy Development. Ana has worked with the Academy, NGOs, and the National Government leading the Projects and Programs on Environment, Food Security, Sustainability, Territorial Development and Climate Change to develop and implement proposals for the improvement and management of settlements in local and regional contexts. Prior to this assignment, Ana oversaw the Climate Actions Initiatives for the Climate Change Direction of the Ministry of Environment, coordinating the Updating of the National Policy and creation of the Framework Law on Climate Change, Updating of the First Nacional Determined Contributions (NDC1) to Climate Change of Panama, creation of the National Plan of Action for Climate, and the Climate Transparency Platform. As In-Country Facilitator, she sits at the Climate Change Direction under the Ministry of Environment and in support of the environment, climate change, and sustainable development UNDP cluster.

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