Green Recovery Network Live Discussion: Deploying Special Fiscal Instruments for Economic Recovery



18 February 2021


9:30 pm - 10:30 pm


Zoom Webinar

Webinar Details

This event is the first in a five-part discussion series which will bring together sets of country members, development partners and institutional partners for one-on-one discussions, with the goal of extracting lessons learnt from policies, frameworks, and mechanisms implemented to enable green recovery. This discussion will bring together the expertise of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) to discuss the deployment of special fiscal instruments for green economic recovery. Participants will be invited to listen to the discussion live via Zoom or through the Partnership's Facebook Live Stream.


Event Speakers


 Anouj Mehta,

Unit Head, Green and Innovative Finance and the ACGF, Southeast Asia Department, ADB

Anouj focuses on Innovative and Green Finance across Southeast Asia. Through SERD innovative finance hub, he manages the ASEAN Catalytic Green Finance facility as well as a number of initiatives and partnerships to develop leveraged finance approaches both as conceptual instruments and in projects. He has been focusing on green finance since 2015 with the development of the Catalyzing Green Finance publication and related ADB projects in People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Southeast Asia. He recently led the development of a "Green Recovery Strategies" knowledge product and a green recovery fund in advanced formulation. Previously Anouj led a pioneering PPP and sub-sovereign initiative in India from both the ADB and the World Bank. Anouj was an investment banker at JP Morgan Chase prior to joining ADB and has expertise in mergers and acquisitions, project and corporate finance, capital markets, sovereign and non-sovereign infrastructure financing.


Barbara Buchner,

Global Managing Director, Climate Policy Initiative

Dr. Barbara Buchner is Global Managing Director of Climate Policy Initiative, and Executive Director of its widely renowned Climate Finance program. Named one of the 20 most influential women in climate change, Barbara advises leaders on climate, energy, and land use investments around the world.

Barbara directs the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, (the Lab) and its sister programs in Brazil and India. The Lab’s public-private approach solicits, shapes, and tests cutting edge climate finance instruments that resolve financing barriers hindering alternative energy, adaptation, and land use projects. Instruments from the Lab have mobilized over 2 billion US dollars for sustainable development in developing countries in just five years. She is also the lead author on CPI’s Global Landscape of Climate Finance, which has set the benchmark for climate finance tracking.

She is on the Advisory Board of the BCFN Foundation, the Evaluation Board of the World Economic Forum’s Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund, and a member of the One Planet Lab.


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