From adaptation priorities to pipelines of investable projects: Adaptation Pipeline Accelerator



16 June 2022


3:00 pm - 3:30 pm



Conference Details

The world is speeding past 1.2 degrees of warming. Efforts to reduce emissions to maintain the 1.5 degrees within reach continue, but emissions to date have already locked-in significant warming in the atmosphere. As a result, adaptation needs of developing countries continue to grow. The volume of finance provided to adapt and build resilience to the growing impacts of climate change must be dramatically increased without decreasing finance for mitigation. Furthermore, adaptation finance needs to be provided and mobilized to support the priorities identified by developing countries in Nationally Determined Contributions, National Adaptation Plans and other relevant policy documents.

To ensure concrete actions on this front, the Secretary-General has asked the UN system, working with developed countries and public and private financiers to collaborate and accelerate support to developing countries in developing investment-ready pipelines of adaptation projects. 

This effort seeks to address a misalignment between a perceived lack of available pipelines of adaptation projects often cited as a barrier to investing in adaptation at scale, and ongoing and growing demand from developing countries of finance to support adaptation needs and priorities. 

This event will seek to present the proposed accelerator, announce prioritized countries,and outline expected work toward and beyond COP27.

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