What CAEP Delivers

The CAEP aims to catalyze transformational change towards resilient, sustainable, and low-emission development, supporting the objectives of the Paris Agreement for member countries of the NDC Partnership.

The CAEP assists developing countries in achieving two overarching objectives:

  1. Enhance NDCs, including by raising ambition, as part of the Paris Agreement’s NDC update process;
  2. Fast-track implementation of NDCs, including by providing in-country technical expertise and capacity building.

The CAEP will allow beneficiary countries to submit updated NDCs to the UNFCCC by 2020 as well as accelerate NDC implementation. The program will support the delivery and follow-up of transformational initiatives for the United Nations Climate Action Summit in September, including by supporting several developing country co-leads.

To achieve this, the CAEP will deliver support to countries through existing support programs from its institutional and associate members and through a dedicated Technical Assistance Fund that will deploy financing in cases where existing support is not enough to meet needs identified by countries. The Technical Assistance Fund is a pooled funding mechanism with contributions from multiple development partners which will allocate resources to institutional and associate members of the Partnership to respond to NDC updating and implementation requests.

World Resources Institute, as host of the Fund, will manage contracting, while the Partnership’s Support Unit is responsible for programmatic implementation.

More information is available on this website for countries interested in requesting support as well as for institutional and associate members interested in providing support.

A Resources page with Frequently Asked Questions is also available.


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