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Geographically the Danish Energy Agency’s assistance initiative concentrates on growth economies around the world. See https://ens.dk/en/our-responsibilities/global-cooperation/country-cooper... Danish Energy Agency cooperates with the governments of several emerging economies in order to contribute to their reduction of carbon emissions and to assist in their energy transition to become a low-carbon economy. The cooperation is primarily focusing on policy improvements in long term energy planning and modelling, renewable energy integration and deployment, energy efficiency interventions and in climate change mitigation:
China is drawing inspiration from Denmark’s energy transition to a low-carbon economy, which has demonstrated that it is possible to reduce emissions rapidly while maintaining a high economic growth.
The Danish Energy Agency is supporting Mexico in implementing its climate change strategy and action plans and helping the country improve its frameworks for introducing renewable energy and energy efficiency interventions.
The Danish Energy Agency is assisting South Africa transforming its energy sector away from coal. The focus is on mitigating carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency and improving conditions for renewable energy into the country’s energy mix.
The Danish Energy Agency is cooperating with Vietnamese officials to make industries and large buildings in the country more energy efficient. The Danish Energy Agency is also building capacity to integrate large shares of renewable energy in the power sector.
In 2015 the Ukrainian-Danish Energy Centre opened in Kiev. Here Denmark supports the Ukrainian authorities in their long term energy planning
The Danish Energy Agency assists Indonesia reducing emission through a three-year strategic partnership programme focusing on energy planning, integrating renewable energy into the energy mix and increasing energy efficiency.
The Danish Energy Agency is supporting Turkey in meeting its long-term objectives for renewable energy, energy efficiency and district heating. It is also assisting with the research and innovation agendas related to these sectors. Both work streams are part of the Danish-Turkish Strategic Sector Cooperation Program, which will begin in 2016.

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