Climate Proofing Growth and Development (CPGD)

DFID (UK Department for International Development), Oxford Policy Management

This project is helping mainstream climate change resilience measures within budgetary planning and policy-making across South Asia. The programme aims to improve resilience by directly incorporating climate change considerations into policy, planning and investment environments within each country.
a) Transforming systems of planning and delivery. These activities include: linking planning and budgetary frameworks to improve resource allocation; developing decision making support tools; and creating strong systems for transparency, accountability and feedback. The goals of these activities are to help avoid policy conflicts and to create greater efficiency compared with managing climate change through separate, independent efforts.
b) Building the climate change knowledge of decision makers. The programme aims to build the capacity of political leaders, governments, practitioners and investors by
capturing and sharing lessons on how to plan for climate change. This will ensure political engagement and strong leadership for establishing favourable policies and
programmes (including those for private sector investment) and preparing communities to adapt to climate change.

c) Supporting the design and delivery of climate resilience. The programme will provide technical support to help governments and communities develop climate-smart methods tailored to their regions. It will test new approaches in practice and generate evidence for the design
of specific policy instruments and innovative approaches. These activities will address delivery challenges, with a focus
on accountability and learning.

d) Promote investments for climate compatible development. The programme will attract new investments from public
(domestic and international) and private sectors for financing further climate-related projects. It will promote transparent
and accountable financing, and develop proposals for domestic and international climate funds.

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Technical Assistance, Capacity Building
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National Government Entity
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Oxford Policy Management.

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Allan Duncan (Principal Consultant) Oxford Policy Management

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