Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)

The Climate Development Knowledge Network is managed by an alliance of organisations led by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), and including Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano, LEAD International, LEAD Pakistan, the Overseas Development Institute, and SouthSouthNorth.

The Climate and Development Knowledge Network supports decision-makers in designing and delivering climate compatible development. Activities include research, advisory services and knowledge management in support of locally owned and managed policy processes.

Open to Applications : 
Application Time Frame : 

Specific deadline depending on procurement opportunities.

Climate Objective : 
Both Mitigation and Adaptation
Administrator Type : 
Financial Instruments Offered : 
Not Applicable
Direct Access : 
Fund Size : 

Not applicable

Financing Award : 
Not Applicable
Trustee : 
Not applicable
Implementing Entity : 

PwC/ODI (lead). Regional hubs at: SouthSouthNorth; LEAD Pakistan; Fundacion Futuro Latinoamerica.
CDKN’s work is delivered through a network of suppliers and partners contracted via CDKN's procurement team based in London.

Steps to Access & Application Procedure

The initiative is open to funding partners and collaborations, as well as contractors (suppliers) for tenders. CDKN chooses what and where projects are. The regions they currently are working at: Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia.

Projects funded by CDKN go through varying procurement processes tailored to their specific scope and needs. Projects will be procured mostly through an open tender process, but may also be procured through a closed tender process or single supplier negotiations where this is appropriate. CDKN advertises (amongst other routes) through an approved list of service providers on our Roster of Experts All projects require a formal proposal to be submitted by the supplier.

CDKN is not a typical donor, and suppliers are not able to “apply for funding” in the usual sense – this is due to CDKN’s commercial and demand-led nature. Suppliers who are interested in working with CDKN should continue to monitor the Current Opportunities page for opportunities to work with us (

Organizational and Decision Making Structure

CDKN has three main governance pillars: the Management Oversight Committee, the Network Council and the Management Team.

The Management Oversight Committee:
The Committee is responsible for oversight of CDKN’s strategic direction and operational oversight on behalf of the donors. Chaired by a senior DfID official, it focuses on the application of programme funding and the management of the network by the CEO, organisation and partners.

The Network Council:
The Network Council is the governance body for the running of the CDKN Alliance. The Council acts in close consultation with PwC, as the contracting organisation. The PwC Engagement Partner sits on the Network Council. A ‘dual key’ arrangement is foreseen, whereby PwC and the Network Council will agree on items within the remit of the Network Council. The Council approves the draft strategy for the Network and draft medium-term and annual work programmes, including financial plans. The Council maintains only a light touch oversight on operations and management activity – guided by the Chair – being informed but not taking responsibility for operational matters.

The Management Team:
The Management team is responsible for the day to day running of CDKN. It is chaired by the CEO and comprises of the Chief Operations Officer, the regional leads and Heads of Output. It meets every three months to:
- Formulate or evaluate CDKN strategy
- Agree, monitor and evaluate business plans
- Resolve programme issues and address high level programme risks
- Confirm annual and quarterly planning and priorities
- Strengthen relationships in the CDKN delivery team

Monitoring and Reporting Procedures

Not specified

Co-financing Requirements (if applicable)

Not applicable

Other Eligibility Criteria Beyond Geography and Income

Not specified

Contact Information

Global team
Climate and Development Knowledge Network
7 More London Riverside
+44 (0) 207 212 4111

LEAD Pakistan
LEAD House
F 7 Markaz

CDKN Africa
55 Salt River Road
Salt River
Cape Town 7925
South Africa
+27 21 447 0211

CDKN Latin America and the Caribbean
Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano
Guipuzcoa E16-02 y Av. Coruña
+593 2 2236 351

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