Climate and Clean Air Coalition

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

The Climate and Clean Air Coalition unites governments, civil society and the private sector, and is committed to improving air quality and protecting the climate in next few decades by reducing short-lived climate pollutants across sectors.

Complementary to mitigating CO2 emissions, the Coalition acts as a catalyst to create, implement and share immediate solutions addressing near-term climate change to improve people’s lives rapidly, and to ensure sustainable development for future generations.

The Coalition's objectives are to address short-lived climate pollutants by:
(1) Raising awareness of short-lived climate pollutant impacts and mitigation strategies;
(2) Enhancing and developing new national and regional actions, including by identifying and overcoming barriers, increasing capacity, and mobilizing support;
(3) Promoting best practices and showcasing successful efforts;
(4) Improving scientific understanding of short-lived climate pollutant impacts and mitigation strategies.

Details on its eleven initiatives can be found here:

Open to Applications : 
Application Time Frame : 

Rolling basis

Climate Objective : 
Administrator Type : 
Intergovernmental Organization
Financial Instruments Offered : 
Not Applicable
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Fund Size : 

By March 2015 $58 million was received or pledged from Canada, Denmark,European Commission, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States. Countries committed a total of $12 million to the Coalition's trust fund

Financing Award : 
Not Applicable
Trustee : 
Not applicable
Implementing Entity : 

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Steps to Access & Application Procedure

Contact CCAC Secretariat directly.

Organizational and Decision Making Structure

The Working Group oversees the cooperative activities of the Coalition, and is the body in the Coalition making regular decisions on operational matters, for example approving entry of new Partners, approving initiative proposals and associated funding. See sections 4(b), 4(g) and 6 of the CCAC Framework Document.

The Coalition’s High Level Assembly provides strategic guidance and leadership for the Coalition. Government ministers from country Partners and heads of Partner organisations participate in the Assembly, and meet at least once per year.

The Coalition’s Steering Committee provides regular oversight of Coalition activities and initiatives, making recommendations to the Working Group.

Monitoring and Reporting Procedures

Not specified

Co-financing Requirements (if applicable)

Not applicable

Other Eligibility Criteria Beyond Geography and Income

Member States of the United Nations and Regional Economic Integration Organisations.

Contact Information

Rue Miollis, Building VII | 75015 | Paris | France
T: (+33) 1 44 37 14 73
F: (+33) 1 44 37 14 74

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