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ClimaEast assists the Eastern Neighbourhood Partnership Countries and Russia in approaches to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The EUR 19.2 million package consists of two components: the first, with a budget of EUR 11 million and implemented by UNDP, consists of a number of Pilot Projects that support the development of ecosystems-based approaches to climate change; the second is a Policy component that seeks to foster improved climate change policies, strategies and market mechanisms in the partner countries by supporting regional cooperation and improving information access to EU climate change policies, laws and expertise.

Open to Applications : 
Application Time Frame : 

On a rolling basis

Climate Objective : 
Both Mitigation and Adaptation
Administrator Type : 
Intergovernmental Organization
Financial Instruments Offered : 
Direct Access : 
Fund Size : 

EUR 11 million for pilot projects. EUR 8.2 million over 4 years for policy component.

Financing Award : 
Not Specified
Trustee : 
Not specified
Implementing Entity : 

UNDP and HTSPE led consortium.

Steps to Access & Application Procedure

There are many ways to access support from Clima East. For short queries on aspects of EU climate policy or on UNFCCC processes, or short technical questions in any of the technical areascovered by the project, please use our Help Desk. For eligible organisations requiring more substantial expert support (up to 50 days of tecnical assistance), applications can be made to the Clima East Expert Facility.
Clima East cannot provide funding to stakeholders, but can provide a range of tecnhical assistance for free to your organisation, through the Help Desk, Expert Facilityand other activities. Costs associated with providing expertise, such as travel and living costs of the experts, will also be covered by Clima East and costs of consultation or dissemination activities of the results supported, for example through undertaking translation, or providing workshops or webinars, can also be covered by Clima East, under some circumstances.

Organizational and Decision Making Structure

Not specified

Monitoring and Reporting Procedures

Not specified

Co-financing Requirements (if applicable)

Not specified

Other Eligibility Criteria Beyond Geography and Income

Clima East Policy Project support is designed primarily for those involved in national policy-making activities addressing climate change in the Partner Countries, including the staff of executive bodies such as ministries and agencies, or technical units dealing with the generation and management of technical data used in policy-making and implementation (e.g. Green House Gas Inventory), but also legislative bodies (e.g. parliaments). Other stakeholders, such as the private sector, civil society organisations and academia, are also able to request support, but the request must have a clear and practical link to national policy-making.

Contact Information

Clima East Project Office
c/o Milieu Ltd.
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Tel: +32 (0)2 506 1000

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