Caribbean Risk Management Initiative

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

The Caribbean Risk Management Initiative (CRMI) is an umbrella programme launched in 2004 by the UNDP's Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) and the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC) as a knowledge network designed to build capacity across the Caribbean region for the management of climate-related risk between the different linguistic communities.

CRMI focuses on increasing capacity through South-South collaboration and the identification and exchange of existing technical capacities. Another key strategy of this program is the documentation and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned in different aspects related to disaster risk management and adaptation to climate change, as well as early recovery in small island developing states (SIDS). CRMI also aims to encourage dialogue and closer engagement between climate scientists and the more operational community of disaster managers. In this capacity, the CRMI focuses on the following objectives:
1: Increased capacity for climate risk management

2: Risk reduction and climate change adaptation integrated into development planning
3: Increased investments in climate risk management.
The program's expected overall impacts are:
• Greater awareness among Caribbean actors in climate risk management of the diverse sources of expertise in their region.
• More systematic collaboration among institutions from various Caribbean countries on climate risk management activities.
• Identification of and dissemination of best practices in the Caribbean which can potentially be replicated or adapted.

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Intergovernmental Organization
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Not Specified
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$284,000 USD in 2013

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Less than 1 million USD
the UN
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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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Organizational and Decision Making Structure: 

UNDP’s Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) and the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC)

Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC), the University of the West Indies (UWI) and the Association of Caribbean States (ACS). Sponsored by UNDP's Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR), the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC. Funded by various donors such as: the Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea; Norway's Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the UNDP – Spanish Trust Fund; the UNDP's Gender Thematic Trust Fund (GTTF)

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Not specified

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Not specified

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Not specified

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Jacinda Fairholm,

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Calle 18 No. 110 entre Primera y Tercera, Miramar, La Habana, Cuba

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Climate Change / General
Coastal Resources
Community-based Adaptation
Ecosystem Adaptation
Energy Efficiency
Forestry & REDD+
Infrastructure and Industry
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Dominican Republic (the)
Trinidad and Tobago
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Dominican Republic (the)
Trinidad and Tobago