Canada’s $2.65 billion Climate Finance Contribution

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)

Canada’s contribution will support climate action in developing countries over the next five years. This funding is focused on supporting developing countries in their transition to low-carbon economies and supporting the poorest and most vulnerable to respond climate change and adapt to its impacts.

Open to Applications : 
Application Time Frame : 

On a rolling basis.

Climate Objective : 
Both Mitigation and Adaptation
Administrator Type : 
National Government Entity
Financial Instruments Offered : 
Concessional Loans, Grants
Direct Access : 
Fund Size : 

CAD $2.65 billion

Financing Award : 
Not Applicable
Trustee : 
Not applicable
Implementing Entity : 

Various implementing entities.

Steps to Access & Application Procedure

Access to resources provided by Canada to multilateral and regional organizations is based on the rules and guidelines of those organizations. Countries seeking information should contact representatives of those organizations.

Access to Canadian bilateral funding is managed by the Department of Global Affairs Canada. Bilaterally funded climate change programming is considered in the context of overall priorities for bilateral support identified in line with partner countries’ priorities. In addition to any proposals that may be communicated through existing climate change channels, we encourage countries interested in exploring opportunities for bilateral climate change related support to consider identifying them during regular bilateral consultations with Global Affairs Canada.

Organizational and Decision Making Structure

Canada’s resources are channeled through targeted bilateral initiatives and multilateral and regional development organizations and funds.

Monitoring and Reporting Procedures

Canada will regularly report on the progress of its climate change support. However, monitoring and reporting requirements will vary between the different channels and implementing institutions.

Co-financing Requirements (if applicable)

Not applicable

Other Eligibility Criteria Beyond Geography and Income

Not applicable

Contact Information

Environment Canada
Public Inquiries Centre
7th floor, Fontaine Building
200, Sacré-Coeur boul.
Gatineau, Quebec
K1A 0H3

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