Brazil Rural Energy Enterprise Development (B-Reed) / Desenvolvimento de Empresas de Energia Rural no Brasil

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

B-REED seeks to develop or strengthen sustainable energy enterprises that use clean or efficient energy
technologies to meet the energy needs of populations under-served by traditional means, creating
environmental and social benefits and stimulating sustainable local economic growth.

Open to Applications : 
Application Time Frame : 

Not specified

Climate Objective : 
Administrator Type : 
Intergovernmental Organization
Financial Instruments Offered : 
Concessional Loans, Equity, Market-rate Loans
Direct Access : 
Not Specified
Fund Size : 

Not specified

Financing Award : 
Not Specified
Trustee : 
E+Co Brasil
Implementing Entity : 

E+Co Brasil: for enterprise development services.

Steps to Access & Application Procedure

B-REED offers rural energy entrepreneurs or existing companies looking to enter into the sustainable energy business through a combination of enterprise development services and start-up financing in the form of debt or equity. Services will also include training and hands-on business development services.

If you are an entrepreneur or existing business considering a business using clean energy technology in Brazil, an NGO or financial institution interested in learning more about how to work with B-REED,
please contact at:
E+Co ( Derek Gallo
E+Co ( Gina Rodolico
Instituto Eco-Engenho David Cerqueira
IDER ( Armando Abreu

Organizational and Decision Making Structure

The Rural Energy Enterprise Development (REED) initiative is a flagship UNEP Energy effort, in partnership with clean energy investor E+Co, Un Foundation, the W. Alton Jones Foundation, and a diverse group of country enterprise development partners.
B-Reed is an innovative partnership of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate, and Sustainable Development (URC),

Monitoring and Reporting Procedures

Not specified

Co-financing Requirements (if applicable)

Not specified

Other Eligibility Criteria Beyond Geography and Income

Currently focuses on the Northeast Brazil area.

Contact Information

Gina Rodolico
383 Franklin St., Bloomfield,
Bloomfield, NJ 07003, USA
Tel: +973-680-9100
Fax: +973-680-8066

Eric Usher
39-43 quai André Citroën,
75739 Paris, France
Tel: +33-144-371-429
Fax: +33-144-.371-474

Juan Zak
Risø National Laboratory
4000 Roskilde, Denmark

E+Co Brasil
Lucio Felix
Edístio Ponde Street, 353
Emp. Tancredo Neves, Sala 1101/1104 - Stiep
Salvador, Bahia - Brazil CEP 41760-310
Tel: +55 (71) 341-5344

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