ATLAS - Climate Change Adaptation, Thought Leadership and Assessments

The US Agency for International Development (USAID)

ATLAS aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of climate risk reduction in development programs through tested, harmonized approaches to adaptation assessments; thought leadership; and by building the capacity of USAID and its partners.

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National Government Entity
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Steps to Access & Application Procedure

All ATLAS technical assistance and capacity building must be supported by a USAID Mission or by USAID-Washington.

In addition to the specific climate-related assessments and options analysis identified in the Scope of Work, ATLAS can support USAID missions in a number of ways. USAID missions can suggest Adaptation Thought Leadership paper topics for ATLAS that are relevant to Mission and Bureau needs. ATLAS can also provide targeted capacity building support through workshops, small grants, and remote research and communication support.

For more information on services the
ATLAS Task Order can provide, contact:
Matthew Courtad
Contracting Officer

Jenny Frankel-Reed
Contracting Officer’s Representative, E3/GCC/AID, 202-712-1761

Tegan Blaine
Africa Bureau Activity Manager, AFR/SD, 202-712-0943

Jami Montgomery
DCHA Activity Manager, DCHA/PPM, 202-712-4032

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Chief of Party
Chris Perine

Operations Manager
Hailey Smith

Project Management Unit

1717 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

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