Asian Clean Energy Fund

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

The fund supports efforts of developing member countries towards reducing greenhouse gases through utilization of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The Asian Clean Energy Fund (ACEF) was established by Japan as part of its initiative of Enhanced Sustainable Development for Asia. It is part of the Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility.

Open to Applications: 
Application Time Frame: 

Not specified

Climate Objective: 
Administrator Type: 
Intergovernmental Organization
Financial Instruments Offered: 
Direct Access: 
Not Specified
Fund Size: 

As of December 31, 2015, $121.6 million available through the Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility (CEFPF).

Financing Award: 
Not Specified
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Implementing Entity: 

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Steps to Access & Application Procedure: 

Not specified

Organizational and Decision Making Structure: 

Priority will be given to activities that will be implemented in cooperation with Japanese aid agencies, as the part of the first pillar of the initiative entitled Enhanced Sustainable Development for Asia.

Monitoring and Reporting Procedures: 

Not specified

Co-financing Requirements (if applicable): 

Not specified

Other Eligibility Criteria Beyond Geography and Income: 

All ADB developing member countries are eligible to receive support from the fund.

Contact Information

ADB Headquarters, Manila
6 ADB Avenue,
Mandaluyong City 1550,
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel: +63 2 632 4444
Fax: +63 2 636 2444

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Sectors & Topics: 
Energy Efficiency
Renewable Energy
Eligible Countries and Geographic Regions: 
East Asia-Pacific
Europe & Central Asia
South Asia