Amazon Fund (Fundo Amazônia)

Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)

The Amazon Fund was created to raise donations so that investments can be made in efforts to prevent, monitor and combat deforestation, as well as to promote the conservation and sustainable use of forests in the Amazon Biome. Although the Amazon Fund was created by the government and is managed by a public bank, it is a private fund.

Mode of Support: 
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Application Time Frame: 

At this moment, there is no deadline for sending requests for support within the scope of the Amazon Fund. The Application Form can be presented at any time, provided that it is filled in under the Guidelines for Previous Consultation, found on the Amazon Fund’s website.

Climate Objective: 
Both Mitigation and Adaptation
Administrator Type: 
National Government Entity
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Direct Access: 
Not Specified
Fund Size: 

The Amazon Fund has already received US$ 110 million from the Norwegian government. The Norwegian commitment establishes annual donations until 2015, totaling US$ 1 billion.
In December 2010, the Amazon Fund received its second donation, from the government of Germany, which, through its Development Bank (KfW), has committed to contributing US$ 27.8 million.

Financing Award: 
Not Specified
Not specified
Implementing Entity: 

Not specified

Steps to Access & Application Procedure: 

Requests for support are sent to the BNDES, the manager of the Amazon Fund, by means of an Application Form, which must be filled in under the Guidelines for Previous Consultation. There are three templates in the Guidelines for Previous Consultation available on the Amazon Fund’s website. (
a) Previous Consultation – Science, Technology and Innovation: for requests aimed at scientific, technological and innovation projects;
b) Previous Consultation – Direct Public Administration : for requests sent by the Direct Public Administration bodies (federal, states, municipalities and the Federal District); and
c) Previous Consultation: for all the other requests that do not fall under items a and b.

Organizational and Decision Making Structure: 

The Amazon Fund will be managed by the BNDES, the Brazilian Development Bank, which will also undertake to raise funds, facilitate contracts and monitor support projects and efforts.

The Amazon Fund has an Guidance Committee − COFA, assigned with the responsibility of posting guidelines and monitoring the results obtained; and a Technical Committee − CTFA, appointed by the Ministry of Environment, whose is charged with certifying the emissions count from deforestation of the Amazon Forest.

The Technical Committee, as referred to above, will verify the calculations made by the Ministry of Environment concerning the effective reductions of carbon emissions from deforestation, appraising the methodologies for calculating the deforested areas and the amount of carbon per hectare used in the respective calculation of emissions. After consulting the Brazilian Climate Change Forum, the Technical Committee will be put together, consisting of six authoritative technical and scientific experts appointed by the Ministry of Environment, for a term of three years, extendable once for an equal period.

Monitoring and Reporting Procedures: 

Not specified

Co-financing Requirements (if applicable): 

Not specified

Other Eligibility Criteria Beyond Geography and Income: 

The Amazon Fund will support the following areas:
•Management of public forests and protected areas;
•Environmental control, monitoring and inspection;
•Sustainable forest management;
•Economic activities created with sustainable use of the vegetation;
•Ecological and economic zoning, territorial arrangement and agricultural regulation;
•Preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity; and
•Recovery of deforested areas.

Besides this, the Amazon Fund may support the development of systems to monitor and control deforestation in other Brazilian biomes and in biomes of other tropical countries.

In addition to reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, proposed subject areas for support by the Amazon Fund may be coordinated in such a way as to contribute to accomplishing significant targets including prevention, monitoring and combat against deforestation, and targets related to promoting the preservation and sustainable use of the Amazon biome.

The projects for the Amazon Fund can be submitted by several kinds of entities, whether they are direct and indirect federal, state and municipal public administration bodies; research support foundations; non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations of public interest; private companies; cooperatives; governmental and university research centers; scientific and technological institutes, environmental, agrarian and support (federal, state and municipal) entities; research support foundations linked to public bodies acting in the Amazon forest region, as well as entities involved in environmental control and fighting environmental crimes.

Other Comments: 

Despite the main focus of the Fund is to provide support to projects to prevent, monitor and combat deforestation, as well as for the conservation and susteinable use of forests in the Amazon Biome, it also fosters the implementation of deforestation monitoring and control systems in other Brazilian biomes and in other tropical countries.

Up to 20% of the Fund's resources may be used to finance projects to develop monitoring and control systems for deforestation in other Brazilian biomes and in other countries with tropical forests.

The Amazon Fund is not a governmental program. It is a fundraising device in support of projects in keeping with policies already approved by the Brazilian government. One of these policies is the Plan for Prevention and Control of Deforestation in the Amazon Forest (PPCDAM). Another is the Sustainable Amazon Forest Plan (PAS).

Contact Information

call (+55 21) 2172 6061

Requests for support must be sent to the BNDES, by means of Application Form filled in under the Guidelines for Previous Consultation (found at, at the address below:
Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social – BNDES
Área de Planejamento - AP
Departamento de Prioridades - DEPRI
Avenida República do Chile, 100 - Protocolo – Térreo
CEP: 20031-917 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

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