Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF)

The Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF or the Facility) was established on 29 November 2006, to provide additional financial and knowledge resources from development partners to support the implementation of Asian Development Bank's (ADB) Water Financing Program, thus achieving the following targeted outcomes by 2020:

  • 500 million people with sustainable access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation
  • 170 million people with reduced risks to floods
  • 95 million people with more productive and basins
  • improved water governance through national water reforms and capacity efficient irrigation and drainage services
  • integrated water resources management (IWRM) introduced in 30 river development
Support provider 
Australia, Austria, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Switzerland support the fund
Purpose of support 
Project and program implementation
Steps to access  

The Water Sector Committee evaluates applications within 15 working days for TAs and grant component of loans and seven working days for direct charges.

Please contact the ADB for more information.

Please note, funding is only available to pre-selected countries. See the eligible countries field for more information.

Climate objective 
Sectors and themes 
Rural, Urban, Oceans and Coastal Resources, Water
Type of support provider 
Type of recipient 
Public entity at the national level
Fund size 

USD 112.7 million

Co-financing required 
Trustee or administrator 
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Contact information 
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