Nordic Climate Facility

The Nordic Climate Facility (NCF), financed and managed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF), is a challenge fund that finances early stage climate change projects in developing countries. NCF aims to build a portfolio of innovative business concepts which have been tested, proved viable, and are ready to be scaled-up and replicated. The NCF will finance projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Tackle climate change and and contribute to the fulfillment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Test the viability of business concepts (financial, technical, social, and environmental)
  • Consist of partnerships between public and private organisations; at least one should be Nordic

The NCF provides support through the following means:

  • Risk-sharing for testing innovative climate solutions
  • EUR 250,000 - 500,000 in grant financing for early-stage projects to facilitate the testing of innovative and climate-relevant business concepts. The average size of an NCF project has been around EUR 700,000, with an average of almost EUR 300,000 in co-financing from project partners and other financiers.
  • Annual calls for proposals with a streamlined, two-phased application process
Support provider 
Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
Purpose of support 
Scoping and project preparation
Project and program implementation
Information on how to...

Understand steps to access
Climate objective 
Adaptation, Mitigation, Cross-cutting
Sectors and themes 
Agriculture, Ecosystem adaptation, Education, Energy efficiency, Forestry and Land-Use, Industry and Infrastructure, Renewable Energy, Rural, Transportation, Urban, Waste management, Oceans and Coastal Resources, Disaster risk reduction, Health, Gender, Jobs and Livelihoods, Poverty, Water
Type of support provider 
Type of recipient 
Private sector, Non-profit or civil society organization, International organization
Fund size 

The total value of the NCF portfolio is EUR 57 million. EUR 33.1 million is NCF financing and EUR 24.6 million co-financing.

Co-financing required 
Application timeframe 

The deadline for this year's call has passed (9 September 2019). New information about upcoming calls on this website will be published regularly online.

Trustee or administrator 
Nordic Development Fund
Contact information
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