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InfraFund is a fast-disbursing fund created to finance a variety of interventions that enhance the implementation of Inter-American Development Bank's (IDB’s) infrastructure support in IDB borrowing member countries. Through InfraFund, the IDB expects to facilitate investment in infrastructure and guarantee a sustainable and high quality access to these services.

Support provider 
Inter-American Development Bank and External Donors
Purpose of support 
Scoping and project preparation
Creating enabling environments and building institutional capacity
Steps to access  

To access InfraFund resources a proposal must: (i) be consistent with the objectives of the country’s infrastructure development plan and policies; (ii) have high development impact in the sector; (iii) be institutionally and environmentally sustainable; (iv) be in support of IDB’s own strategy in support to the sector, and (v) be in coordination with other IDB or other external donor funds and initiatives.

Application form is available here.

Climate objective 
Adaptation, Mitigation, Cross-cutting
Sectors and themes 
Industry and Infrastructure, Transportation, Poverty
Type of support provider 
Type of recipient 
Public entity at the national level, Public entity at the sub-national level, Public entity at the regional level
Co-financing required 
Trustee or administrator 
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)