Partnership Dialogue to support Marshall Islands on NDC implementation

About the conference 

On Monday 23 July, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and the NDC Partnership will co-host the Partnership Dialogue for RMI in Majuro, focused on mobilizing support for the implementation of RMI’s NDC. The Partnership Dialogue is expected to bring together existing and new global, regional, and local partners to support the Marshall Islands in responding to climate change, through the development of a results-based Partnership Plan, which will respond to RMI’s key priorities for NDC implementation in the next few years. The RMI Government is currently being consulted on its most immediate needs for support from partners, and will communicate this to the Partnership’s members soonest. The Partnership Dialogue will also address and directly feed into the final stage of the development of RMI’s ambitious 2050 Climate Strategy.

The days prior to the Partnership Dialogue, a National Climate Change Dialogue with local stakeholders will take place, on 19-20 July. Related opening activities for the Partnership Dialogue will start on 22 July, so participants are encouraged to arrive over the weekend. For travel purposes, it may also be important to note that the next Climate Action Pacific Partnership (CAPP) event hosted by the COP23 Presidency is due to take place at the end of the same week in Suva, Fiji (26-27 July). This will be an important meeting in the operationalization phase of the Regional Pacific NDC Hub.

If you plan to attend the RMI Partnership Dialogue, kindly register with Ms. Ellen Milne, NDC Partnership technical assistant in Majuro (, with copy to Ralien Bekkers at the Support Unit (

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