Identifying Needs, Stakeholders, and Opportunities in Gabon

About the conference 

The NDC Partnership will conduct a scoping mission in Gabon, to take place from 16-20 of July to further discuss with government stakeholders and international partners relevant needs, gaps, priorities, and identify opportunities to facilitate Gabon's NDC implementation.  This will be a follow up on Gabon's request for support to the NDC Partnership to: (i) evaluate the costing on Gabon's NDC; (ii) establish a system to prioritize NDC projects; (iii) identification of opportunities for the implementation of NDC; (vi) integration of climate change into budgeting and planning; (v) draft conceptual notes for country program projects. For further information, please contact Omar Zemrag (OmarZemrag@ndcpartnership.org) and Nathan Mesnildrey (NathanMesnildrey@ndcpartnership.org). 

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