Costa Rica

The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Costa Rica joined the NDC Partnership as a member in November 2016 and appointed a Focal Point within the Ministry of Environment and Energy. Costa Rica’s comprehensive NDC outlines transformational actions to promote resilient and low-carbon cities, climate smart rural territories, and integral and adaptive water and territorial management for water security. The country’s NDC also specifies cross-cutting and structural measures to enable its implementation. Costa Rica is using the NDC Partnership’s support to develop an NDC Investment Plan for the 28 actions prioritized in its NDC. The Plan deep-dives into each action to understand the status, institutional setting, associated costs, and investment needs for implementation. Additionally, the Plan identifies co-benefits and proposes a sequencing approach for implementation. The Plan includes the electrification of public and private transport; development of a 100 percent renewable energy matrix; 60 percent increase of forest cover; sanitary and storm sewer systems covering 90 percent of the population; consolidation of carbon price systems (market-tax-compensation systems) consistent with country-specific targets; and a deployment of Payment for Ecosystem Services and compensation mechanisms. In August 2018, the Governments of Costa Rica and Argentina hosted a regional workshop on Clean Transportation and Electric Mobility in Latin America and the Caribbean. The dialogue, co-organized with UNEP, EUROCLIMA+, and the NDC Partnership Support Unit, offered participants an opportunity to discuss the strategic importance of clean transportation and e-mobility in the region.


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