The content below draws together country specific information and resources to support NDC implementation for climate and development action.

Armenia became a member of the NDC Partnership in August 2018, appointing the Ministry of Nature Protection and the Ministry of Economic Development and Investment as Focal Points. The Partnership conducted a scoping mission in Yerevan in November 2018. Following group meetings with various ministries and development partners, the Government is preparing its request for support to the NDC Partnership, based on identified needs and priorities for implementation of its NDC.

Armenia’s NDC states that the country is prepared to undertake a certain quantitative contribution to limit its GHG emissions growth based on the principle of equity, and subject to adequate financial, technological and technical support. It also subscribes to principles such as applying an ecosystem-based approach to mitigation and adaptation actions with preference to balanced and combined actions, and using as basis the ‘green economy’ to ensure compatibility with social and economic development goals of the country.


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