Accelerating Climate and Development Action at COP25

Join the NDC Partnership as it hosts its second pavilion at COP25

With over two years of experience leading collaborative efforts for climate action, COP25 provides an opportunity for members of the NDC Partnership to spotlight their progress implementing nationally determined contributions (NDCs). The NDC Partnership’s 140+ members make it the largest global coalition dedicated to NDC implementation with many important lessons to share and inspiring stories to tell.


Following a successful Pavilion at COP24, the NDC Partnership is thrilled to host a Pavilion at COP25. This Pavilion will showcase the work of the NDC Partnership, provide a place for members to host their own events, and participate in events co-organized with the NDC Partnership Support Unit.

Events will fall under one of the following themes:

Nature Based Solutions & Oceans Nature Based Solutions & Oceans Actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems that also provide human well-being and biodiversity benefits.
Whole-of-Government & Whole-of-Society Approaches Whole-of-Government & Whole-of-Society Approaches The NDC Partnership brings all of these stakeholders to one table to create a single plan for climate action and sustainable development, rather than having each stakeholder work independently.
Climate Finance Climate Finance Financing projects or mobilizing financial flows that would allow counties to reach their NDC targets.
Green Cities Green Cities Development and/or de-carbonization of physical and organizational structures and facilities, including buildings, housing, and the rehabilitation of old infrastructure.
Raising Ambition Raising Ambition Under the Paris Agreement, every country is required to submit a revised NDC by 2020, and ultimately increase their ambition to address climate action.
Development Planning Development Planning Integration of climate change consideration
Alignment & Coordination Alignment & Coordination The NDC Partnership brings all relevant stakeholders and members into one conversation.
Adaptation Adaptation Focus is on resilience, disaster reduction or buffering climate impacts.
Energy Energy Development or promotion of electric-powered technologies, products, services, and infrastructures to shift the transport industry away from the use of fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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